Archive for May 9th, 2006

Choose the right Linux Distro

I took the online Linux Distro Chooser test, and guess what it suggested I use: Arch Linux (with Slackware as a second option). Which is what I use anyway. Which means that I use the right tool for the job. :)

Mac OS X and Cingular GPRS with the HTC Wizard AKU2

I posted here how to connect to Cingular with an HTC Wizard phone under Mac OS X. Please note that you will need to register with the forum there in order to download the modem script that is attached to my post. If you don’t have the time to do so, email me directly and I will send the file to you.

Health news

Good news everyone! I am officially sick! For 4 years now I’ve been having this terrible painful health condition and the doctors could not found its origin (and therefore they just called it a “syndrome” and kept sending me home).

As you know, last Friday I was at the Stanford hospital for even more tests. This time the preliminary tests came back positive, which means that for the first time we have a good idea of what’s causing my problems (problem located just after the end of the stomach). I will know for sure on Thursday.

Now, I am not sure if there is a cure for my problem as this kind of test is new (the Stanford hospital is the only hospital equipped to diagnose this medical condition in the whole Bay Area), but I find this test to be a big step towards solving it at some point in the future. You see, it’s better to know what’s wrong with you and not have a cure (yet), rather than not having a clue of what’s going on and therefore risking with experiemental cures.

So, today I am happy. I am hopeful that eventually there will be a cure so I won’t be afraid anymore of becoming pregnant and potentially losing the baby if I get one of these painful attacks I usually get because of this health condition. I need to become a mother before it’s too late, as I am turning 33 this May.

Women in some muslim countries

From an article at CNN: “While women in Saudi Arabia are not supposed to mix in public with men outside their immediate family, they have little alternative to buying their most intimate items of clothing from men. Women, who are not allowed to drive or vote, also face employment restrictions because of the need to segregate sexes.

I can’t stand reading about this stuff. They piss me off.

Regarding Ron Howard

Many Americans are making fun of Ron Howard for this or the other reason, but I have the outmost respect for him. Looking at him at Jay Leno’s show he glows with his personality and looks like a very nice person (I have intuition for these things). Looking at his bio on IMDb it’s interesting to see that he’s married for 31 years with the same woman, a girlfriend from his high school days and has 4 children with her. Obviously, a family man, a commited man. Hollywood needs more people like him.