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Nokia N83 and false news reporting

Some Nokia N83 info was leaked today, but some of the specs are very inaccurate. The people who wrote these articles were just wishfully thinking that the phone has a 352×416 screen just like the N80 has. [Un]fortunately, this is not true. The N83 has a QVGA screen and I have proof for that:

All you have to do is load this pic or this pic (rotate it first) on photoshop or paintshoppro and select the black screen and copy it to the clipboard. Then, create a new image using the clipboard image and then resize it (by using the correct aspect ratio) to 240 pixels wide. You will see that the screen becomes almost a 240×320 image. If you try the same with the 352pixels wide, it creates a completely different vertical resolution, at about 470 pixels height, which is way off to be a 352×416 screen. Logical conclusion: this is a QVGA screen, and *not* a super high-res one.

The guys over at fixed their article after I emailed them, but not before EngadgetMobile and many other sites copied over their false specs.