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Yet another phone

Hey, it’s been almost a week that I got a new phone. It’s time to get a new one. ;-)

I am awaiting this coming week the 3G Japanese FOMA DoCoMo phone “Motorola M1000” (based on Symbian 7.0 and UIQ 2.1), for a review for OSNews. Stay tuned. I have only used UIQ on emulators, so it’s time to use the real thing.

The phone has Bluetooth, WiFi, two cameras, Opera 7.5, VPN client, a 2.9″ 208×320 touchscreen, MS Office document viewer, support for many multimedia formats, and yes, it even has a real SDK for native apps (there are about 500 third party UIQ apps out there).

On other news, the 3rd season of ‘24′ sucks (especially the first 14 episodes) while the first season is so-so. The fourth season ain’t too bad (I am still on episode 11), but I still think that the second season tops them all (and if it wasn’t for the Kim Bauer sub-plot, it would have been perfect).