QTek 9100: my new phone

Yaay! My new phone is here! A Qtek 9100 (codenamed by its OEM as HTC Wizard). I upgraded it to its latest AKU2 ROM, but I continue to have small problems with Activesync (it only connects when it feels like doing so). Nothing serious though. I also enabled A2DP/AVRCP support in it via hack that was released just today (am I not lucky or what?).

My three gripes with the phone so far:
1. Slow Texas Instrument CPU at 195 Mhz (this is a dual-cpu layout, one for the phone part and one for the PDA part. VGA Video playback is slow though).
2. No hardware “lock” button. Listening to music with the phone buttons locked and the screen off will be problematic.
3. No dedicated buttons for the “Start” menu and for “Close app” (instead of just “minimize”). T-Mobile ordered a special hardware version from HTC for their Vario product (same model as mine) with these buttons in place. I wonder why HTC doesn’t put those by default.

Other than that, it’s a really good phone and its full Qwerty keyboard is really handy.
JBQ ordered a 2 GB miniSD for me too today for usage with this phone. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

Update: QVGA WMV is unplayable. QVGA .mov, mp4 (with mp3 or aac audio) or divx .avi are fine though (encoding a widescreen movie to 320×180 DivX should playback without any dropped frames with TCPMP) . I don’t think that the WMV codecs are slower compared to divx or mp4, it’s just that the decoding libraries Microsoft ported to PocketPC (and both TCPMP and WMP use), simply suck. A more careful porting of the libs would have taken the problem away. Even 400 Mhz PXA-255 CPUs produce dropped frames with WMV QVGA video (e.g. Dell Axim X5), let alone my poor 195 Mhz TI dual-cpu.

Update 2: Mediocre reception. Just 1-2 bars, when my Linux phones get 3-5 bars.

Update 3: Inaccurate battery reading. About 10% off.

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