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There was a post on Digg today (that was retracted/deleted later) linking on a Flickr account (which became password-protected later) with pictures of the Google OS. I believe the screenshots were authentic. GoogleOS is a modified Linux with a modified Gnome on it. Its desktop environment looked a lot how all Google’s projects look visually: bare bones.

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Vince wrote on April 23rd, 2006 at 4:46 AM PST:

So goobuntu may in fact be more than an internal project, eh? Based on Ubuntu.. wonder how Mark Shuttleworth would react to that?

I can’t say I’d be excited over having 3 major distros in the hands of Novell, Red Hat, and Google. On the other hand, it could make google think about releasing stuff for GNU/Linux first or at least concurrently and that would be nice.

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