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Google OS

There was a post on Digg today (that was retracted/deleted later) linking on a Flickr account (which became password-protected later) with pictures of the Google OS. I believe the screenshots were authentic. GoogleOS is a modified Linux with a modified Gnome on it. Its desktop environment looked a lot how all Google’s projects look visually: bare bones.

Nokia’s S40 Engineers: Amateurs

I decided to install the Nokia S40 3rd Edition SDK tonight and have a look at its XHTML/WAP web browser. What a piece of shit. And no, I am not talking about the fact that it doesn’t have super features. I am not a feature creep. I am talking about not getting the basics right:

1. When a table is 100% width and the whole page normally should fit without ANY horizontal scrollbars on its QVGA screen, it still doesn’t fit. It seems that their calculation of their available screen resolution is off. This results on most of the sites I tried that normally fit even on a 128×128 screen to create uneeded horizontal scrollbars (when using the default setting of “Full” screen rendering). Look screenshot rendering

2. When changing the setting to “small screen rendering”, the browser does not behave as a media=”handheld” anymore, so it downloads the full CSS layout which is meant only for desktop browsers. For example, Slashdot looks terrible with the “Small screen” setting because the browser downloads the “screen” CSS file and not the “handheld” one. Opera gives web developers the same headaches too. In my opinion, all mobile browsers should be “handheld” no matter the mode they are in. They are running on handheld devices. End of story.

3. What a freaking waste of space. Look at the screenshot and see the 16 pixels of width of the vertical scrollbar and 24 pixels of height of the horizontal scrollbar! Lots of unused space for no good reason! The whole OS is like that actually, and Series60 is as bad on saving real screen estate too.

Now, how is it possible Nokia to have a browser out there for over 4-5 years and yet make such crucial rendering mistakes like the one described on #1? If you can’t get the 100% table width right, then you should not be shipping AT ALL. You hear this Nokia?

Let’s talk about miracles

The following is a rough translation from the front page of the generally respected Greek news and TV/Radio agency, Flash (please note that this coming Sunday is Easter for the Orthodox Christians):

“In the midday of Good Saturday, a bit after 1 PM, it will happen again at Jerusalem: the Miracle that shocks. Inside the Holy Tomb of Jesus, at the time of the Patriarch’s prayer, people will hear a loud sound and the candles will light up all by themselves.”

This ladies and gentlemen, from a major news agency. This is journalistic integrity for ya…