What a messy day

Since last night, our internet connection stopped working. This morning apparently it worked only when I tried to connect the cable modem directly to my PC and not through our router. Placing the router back up, the connection went dead again. I then changed our Linksys router with our Netgear router, and soon enough I found out the problem: both the DNS servers we used to use for years are now dead (or temporarily DoS’ed). Configuring the routers to use DHCP also for the discovery of DNS, made the problem go away. I am too lazy to go change all the cabling again and put back the Linksys router though, so I think we will stay with the Netgear one, which is a more recent model (and I just upgraded its firmware too…). The Linksys router is a 802.11b server, but it is more compatible with Comcast’s modems, which is the reason we kept using it over the Netgear 802.11g model (which in the past it wouldn’t connect with the motorola modem, but it now works with our new RCA modem).

The second messing up of the day was about a review item. I was sent a PDA battery for a review at TuxTops.com, but I ordered the wrong thing. Instead of getting the battery for the HP iPaq rx-31xx series, I got it for the 31xx series. See the difference? Damn HP for their poorly named PDA series. >:(

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