Eugenia wins. Again.

A few days ago I emailed Bitstream’s Thunderhawk support to ask for a feature: to add the word “Thunderhawk” on their user agent so my scripts can recognize it as a mobile browser and serve it automatically the cHTML pages (they are using a standard desktop Mozilla user agent as default, even if their product runs on Windows Mobile and Symbian only). Unfortunately, as with most tech support people, I got a standard reply that helped neither myself or them. I replied in my usual agressive fashion, and I explained the situation further, showing them demos of the HTML, cHTML and WAP versions of OSNews and explained how it all works and why there are cases where they need to identify themselves as a mobile browser. Given the fact that OSNews will soon move to CSS, it is on their best interest to have access to the lighter, simpler pages. I… mandated for this issue to be formally discussed at Bitstream’s engineering meetings. The tech support person was kind enough to pass through my request and so the Bitstream engineers discussed the issue. Today they replied that they are seriously thinking of adding the word “Thunderhawk” on their next version’s user agent (at least as an option to the user, if not as a default). That’s good news as far as I am concerned not only for me and the users, but also for the browser.

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