Bitmap vs Vector

Jimmac is right. Bitmaps are not going away just because Vectors are “in fashion” lately. Bitmaps are faster to render and they look better on smaller sizes. This whole debate reminds me a lot of the Jpeg vs Png, or the CSS vs cHTML. There are practical uses for every of these technologies. That’s why they are still alive. Best tool for each specific job.

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Jasampler wrote on April 20th, 2006 at 7:46 AM PST:

Rasterman from Enlightenment and others have been saying that many years ago. They called pixmaps “raster images”. However, I haven’t found links for it, may be you know where.

I like your visibility, your voice in a men’s world, I mean.
Your phrase Best tool for each specific job makes me to remember an old post that I put in my slashdot some time ago, in response to an message that you wrote: Using software could be morally wrong?. Ok, yes, now it’s too late, but I don’t write too much in english. :) Good look!

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