Archive for April 16th, 2006

Bloody spam… gets lots of spam in its comment section for the past year. I have tried a gazillion different methods to keep spam away, but it is always coming back. It seems that the entities who spam the server are actually real people and not bots! OSNews has the same problem with their news submission form. I find it amazing that spamming has become so fruitful that they can afford to pay real people to do the spamming in order to go around the traps.

Unfortunately, adding registration for commenting/rating on Gnomefiles would require extensive rewrite of the software which is something that I am not willing to do at this point. I might implement a captcha like Engadget’s though. The user will have to enter a valid email address and then receive a verification via email with a special URL that will make the comment to go live. Problem with this method is, PHP’s automatic emailing system will be trapped by many anti-spam solutions who will think that this is spam and not a legitimate email. :(