UMPC: Useless Mobile Personal Computers

Microsoft is heading for another shitpie in their face with this idea. I am a big gadget user, but I have zero interest for their UMPCs. The reasons:

1. They are big and heavy.
2. They are clunky and terribly ugly.
3. They don’t solve any particular problem. Small laptops still do it better and PDAs are smaller.
4. They are not even real handtops, as most of these devices don’t have a hardware keyboard.
5. They are expensive even with MS fighting to bring down their cost.

The future at large will continue to be about laptops while more and more customers will end up buying PocketPC 2.8″ QVGA phones with keyboards a-la HTC. Soon enough you will be able to get a 3.5″ VGA PPC phone which although it would be bigger than most phones, it will be just as big as a normal PDA. And its VGA screen and hardware keyboard would give it a justification. Between something like this and a laptop, why would anyone get a UMPC and look like a complete dork?

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Jennifer wrote on April 18th, 2006 at 8:48 AM PST:

Great headline. I actually hope Microsoft pulls this one off, just because I’d like one, but I do like your version of the name. I find the PDA form factor too limiting for good use, and I’ve long since given up fighting against looking like a complete dork.

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