We had a long discussion (short of a shouting match) at PocketPCThoughts yesterday and today. The guy will just advocate that CSS is the way to go to do a mobile site, while I advocate that cHTML/WAP and a proper autodetection script is needed. My solution is much more complex, but it offers 99% support of mobile browsers. His solution offers 20% support of mobile browsers, and if that.

You see, there is no “silver bullet” solution about the mobility problem, because simply the geniouses at W3C never thought of such devices when they were designing HTML 3. They f*cked it up around 1995 by not creating a standard for it (any kind of standard: a special domain name TLD, or a special word in the user agent, or whatever else would have been better for what we got now, which is a lot of nothing and a lot of confusion). These days the phone/pda/tablet/text-mode users are paying for this w3c inactivity (there was already an Apple Newton back then btw, they could have predicted where the whole mobility-thing was going).

I might write an article soon about it on osnews, dunno yet, I have my hands busy with review items for right now. These articles are extremely well-written anyway, but I still don’t agree 100% with the guy either (I saw Brian, who wrote these articles, a few months ago at a Mobile Monday meeting in the Bay Area — he gave a speech there).

To be fair to those who advocate for CSS, I do plan to re-write osnews and the rest of my mobile sites in 100% CSS when the market is ready. That is around 2010 or so. Why so far in the future you ask? Read the discussion linked above (I explain everything there).

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