The A780 is here

I received the Motorola A780 Linux-based phone earlier today. Expect a review of it on OSNews this week. The phone is similar to my older E680i, but it has quad-band/EDGE and a 1.3 MP camera over plain tri-band/GPRS and a VGA camera. On the downsides, it uses transflash instead of SD and has no A2DP support. Still, no flashlight for the camera though. I was very glad to see that IM support was not de-activated as it is on my E680i.

I am deep into testing now, I just wish Motorola opens up their SDKs to developers (I will shout over it until the day I die). I chatted a new owner of the Ming A1200 phone today (that’s the latest Motorola Linux phone) and he thought that Mororola is giving away their SDK as MS, Palm and Nokia do. When I told him that this is not the case and there are no native apps for these phones being developed, he got all depressed and moody and he is seriously thinking twice about keeping the phone! He is not an expert Linux user or anything, but he really thought that he could run native apps in these phones! And so he shed $540 (wholesale, retail is over $600)…

UPDATE: The review is live now. Check this one too. ;-)

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