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Gnomefiles is semi-working atm

We are in the process of changing some of the OSNews server configuration for security reasons, and so we need to rewrite parts of Gnomefiles in order to work with these changes. I think the site will be up completely by Monday. Thank God for Adam for doing all this work! Thanks Adam!

Goodbye Slashdot; Hello Blogsome!

And so I decided to leave my Slashdot blog behind. The reason?

Well, their April Fools’ joke of changing their theme to pink went too far because they never tested its effects to the journal’s section of the site. As you can see here, my blog readers are not able to read the headlines of my blog posts.

Mind you, I am absolutely fine with the actual joke, but when they don’t test its effects to the journal section, it means that they don’t really care about that section of the site that much. And if they don’t care about it or maintain it properly, why would I care? (the journal could have had some extremely easy touch-ups over the years to make it better, but it didn’t, so this bug is just the tip of the iceberg, not the whole reason for moving over here). 

And so the future of my rants will now be hosted at Blogsome. I might move some of my blog posts over here, or I might not. Hopefully, Slashdot won’t delete them.

Worst tech of 2006: Nokia 770?

Some stupid editor over at C|Net put the Nokia 770 in the same bag as some bad hardware products currently selling out there. He wrote:

This thing, it surfs Internet. You want to make phone call? You can’t make phone call. You like Ethernet? No Ethernet. You get Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is nice. No wires! You like slow load times? Yes? It is good for that.

Hmm, this guy obviously has no idea about the PDA/gadget market. Why would anyone expect this (mobility-aware) tablet to do ethernet? And why would you expect it to do phone calls? Just because it comes from Nokia? So, if another department of Nokia started making dildos that guy would expect to also make phone calls with them too? The point of this product is to complement Nokia’s phones (by surfing via Bluetooth+GPRS), not to compete with them.

“You like battery that lasts more than three hours? It does not have one. Nice screen, though.”

The Nokia 770 has low standby times (because it doesn’t support real standby), but when used continously, it can deliver over 3 hours of WiFi-activated usage and over 5 hours when WiFi is off. It still ain’t as good as some high-end PDAs, but it ain’t as bad as some other PDAs either (e.g. the Lifedrive which delivers less than 2 hours of Wifi usage).