Apple to complete Intel transition by August

“Citi expects Apple to complete its transition to Intel-based microprocessors in August with the introduction of a new, dual-core PowerMac, with Intel-based iBooks coming as early as April. The brokerage also expects Apple to release a new video iPod in April.”

This is correct. The x86 platform is a well-understood platform with many ready-made solutions so creating new PCs and testing them is a matter of a single month while it can be as long as 6 months when creating an equivelant PPC machine because Apple had to invent new things on their own each time.

On other news, I finally found the time to rip my favorite songs out of our 400 CDs we own (128kbps mp3 VBR). I still have 1.2 GB free space left on my 4 GB first-generation iPod Mini. I guess you can say that I am “difficult” with art… 😉

Update: Oh, my God, I got to blog about this! Good friend Thom (and I hope he stays so after this blog post 😉 has never heard of the The Scorpions! I am sure he has heard some of their songs though, he just doesn’t know it. Either that, or he is too young for me to hang out with. 😉

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