Aliens, Christians and Arrogance

Google landed me on this web page today. It is a Christian page, trying to answer the question of alien life and the universe. I don’t like the 4th paragraph more than anything else. It’s absolutely fine to not advocate that might or might not be aliens out there, but when you say that Earth and Humans have a central role in the fate of the whole universe is not only arrogant, but also stupid. Are Christians and all other religions that see Humans as the center of the universe really that blind? I mean, if scientific books are herretic, don’t they have Discovery or Science channel at least to try and educate themselves about the vastness of the universe? If an intelligent being created the universe, why only create life on Earth? It doesn’t make sense to create life only on a single planet, and yet, create so many planets around it that are nothing but rocks. If life was really so important, he would have planted it elsewhere too. But noooo, religions can’t lose their theocratic and one-sided arrogant explanation of the human existance. It would make them lose power. And that’s not good for their finances.

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