It’s 2000 all over again

Today MS and Intel announced their Origami tablets that run a variant of WinXP. Check for some info here and some pics here.

Now, what bothers me is that the exact same concept was already available in 2000 by Be and QNX and others, with their “web tablets” initiatives. All failed.

So why is this new Origami project generates so much buzz while Be/QNX have both failed, I don’t know. The only difference between the two systems were that the BeIA and QNX RtP OSes they were running were not full featured, but instead strip-down web-related software (just a picture viewer, a web browser, email, etc). Maybe this variant of WinXP is more complete.

But nevertheless, the Origami project is not a new idea, but it does get all the hype in the world, because it is backed by MS and Intel. This is a good example how lots of money can create lots of interest. You need money in order to make more money. Having a cool idea is *not* enough.

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