Software that doesn’t exist or could be better on Linux

1. A *usable* mass-rename utility. After you use Krename and that other KDE app to rename many files at once, and then you use this BeOS one: you finally understand why the users who actually used BeOS loved it. Because as in MacOSX there is no “ugly app” to be found, on BeOS there is no unusable app to be found among the major third party ones. That app was ELEGANT.
2. Again, a usable conversion utility.
3. A screenwriting software, like Final Draft:
4. Video clip manager. No, I am not talking about a VCR/DVD personal database, I am talking about clip manager, just like this:
5. PDA/phone sync, flash mounting AND automatic internet sharing, like with Activesync. Yes, I know of OpenSync. It is still in its infancy and it doesn’t go anywhere any time soon.
6. Good videocam support for AIM, MSN and Y!.
7. Bluetooth on Linux sucks just because most of the things have to be done by hand. KDE got a front-end for a few BT profiles, but it’s UI is scattered all around the place. Best UI for Bluetooth: Windcom/Broadcom’s on PocketPC.
8. ACPI still sucks.
9. After all these years, there is still not a reliable imovie-like and idvd-like app out there. It seems that the Diva project is near death.
10. Gimp needs rework before anyone can take it seriously. Yes, it must become more photoshop-like. Not because OSS should clone closed source software, but because Photoshop must be doing something right for being the No1 raster app out there for more than 10 years now.

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