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War technology

I am watching some Luftwaffe documentaries on History Channel right now and I am amazed at the stuff the Germans came up during the WWII. Amazing crafts like the Focke-Wulf TA183 or the first stealth plane ever. Sure, the Americans and English also made huge strides in technology during the 5-6 years of the war, but the Germans have created some amazing stuff, mostly in airplane tech. What amazes me the most is how productive humans can be and move forward in technology 4x faster than normally, when they are under pressure.

Friggin IDIOTS

Revenge attacks against Muslims killed at least 20 people in the southeastern Nigerian city of Onitsha on Wednesday after days of anti-Christian violence killed dozens in the mainly Muslim north. The slaughter raised the death toll from five days of religious riots fueled by political tensions in Africa’s most populous country to at least 66, and possibly many more.

This is why Africa is still in the dark ages (no pun indended). I wonder when these people down there will get a fucking grip and stop killing each other. And I am not talking just about Nigeria or just about religious riots. 80% of the African countries are in the same violent page too.

Wake up people! Stop killing each other and take care of your AIDS, food and school problems!