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UPDATE: I developed a theory about ‘Lost’. 🙂

Spent the entire weekend watching all 38 episodes of ‘Lost’. Before that, I had only watch bits and pieces of the second season, and while I did have an idea of what’s going on, I hadn’t seen any of the episodes of the first season to have a full picture of the mystery involved.

Well, watching the series from the beginning, I must say that this is the most intense TV show ever made. I always keep saying that “ST: The Next Generation” is the best TV show ever made (seasons 3-6), but I think ‘Lost’ has surpassed it in a number of ways.

However, I must say, the second season is much slower than the first one, and has only half the intensity. Watching the show back to back, I saw a big difference in the storyline pace on the second season. If you have never watched ‘Lost’, I highly suggest you buy the first season on DVD.