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Romance vs Sex

My JBQ does not know what “being romantic” means. He had to look it up on google to find out some not-so-accurate definition of the word and then he was telling ME that I don’t have the definition right. JBQ thinks that “being romantic” is about sex, while it is not. Not necessarily anyway.

Being romantic‘ means being affectionate, being soft, showing that your partner is your whole world, making small gifts (e.g. flowers), sharing a beautiful moment with your partner (e.g. looking over at the moonlight, hand in hand) etc. There is no sex in the process, not at that point at least. It might LEAD to sex, but being romantic is not about sex. It’s about emotions and how you show them.

I am writing this so some baffoons like my husband might be reading this blog and learn a thing or two, as it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and might become handy to them. You never know. 😉

Even more stuff

My JBQ came back from ski this weekend, he fell, he damaged some of his left ribs. Now, I can’t grab him and hug him like I usually do when he comes back from work…

I spoke to Nathan last night on the phone, what a cool guy, always in good spirit. He apparently got an iBook G4 recently.

The Plantronics Pulsar 590A arrived today. I will be publishing the review this week on, but I can say that it would have being the perfect “10 out of 10” Bluetooth product if it was not for a single –and important– flaw. UPDATE: Published.

I need more sleep. Yawn… ZZZzzzz….