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More stuff

There is no way in hell that I would inject myself with an RFID chip just to go to work. I would prefer to work at MacDonalds instead.

On other news, I finally took the big decision and reformatted my iPod with the FAT32 filesystem. I tried 5 different iPod backup solutions and all had their problems. The one I used at the end was not able to read correctly a bunch of file names during the backup to the Mac disk…

This coming week I will be receiving the Plantronics A2DP stereo Bluetooth headphones. Supposedly this is the best Bluetooth pair ever. Let’s see if my search for the best stereo Bluetooth headphones will end.

Lastly, I am feeling a bit low lately. I am a bit sick too, and that makes it worse. Oh, well, a few more decades and then it’s all over.