Archive for February 5th, 2006

Apple already feels the heat

Three new cellphone announcements today, and all three were “music phones”. Sure, a cellphone is not as good as a dedicated mp3 player, but you know, that’s what killed the PDA too: the competing convergence device is “good enough”. That “good enough” factor is what driving the film cameras out of business in favor of bad quality 2 MP digicams. I have said that many times and I will have to say again: the future is *convergence and convenience* and Apple _will have_ to enter the phone market (want it or not).

Put a blog up for a new friend

After discussing it over the phone today, I created some graphics and a new blog for Nathan Baesel (the actor who portrays ‘Deputy Lewis Sirk’ on the sci-fi TV series ‘Invasion’). I take care of the administration part, he takes care of the actual content. If you live in USA don’t forget to watch him this Wednesday at 10/9c PM on ABC. He has an extensive part on this week’s ‘Invasion’ episode (called “All God’s Creatures”).