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Interview with actor Nathan Baesel

I just posted an interview with actor Nathan Baesel, known in US and UK for his recurring role on the sci-fi drama “Invasion” as Deputy Lewis Sirk. Poor guy had to write the answers three times because his email client was keep failing while typing up…

Anyways, seems to be a really good guy, in addition to an excellent actor, currently making waves next to William Fichtner on “Invasion” (as most of you already know, Fichtner is one of my all-time favorite actors).

If you haven’t started watching “Invasion” I highly suggest you start doing so. The show started up a bit slowly in terms of storyline, but the pace is accelerated in the last few episodes and it’s becoming realy intriguing. Honestly.

Climate risk ‘worse than thought’

The threat posed by climate change may be greater than previously thought, and global warming is advancing at an unsustainable rate, a report by scientists published Monday says.

“It is now plain that the emission of greenhouse gases, associated with industrialization and economic growth from a world population that has increased six-fold in 200 years, is causing global warming at a rate that is unsustainable,”.

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