Archive for January 27th, 2006 updates

Just finished the brand new WAP site at that is now compatible with more cellphones and offers more information. Additionally, I moved the feed from RDF to RSS 2.0, so users are recommended to get and use the new feed link. Additionally, the cHTML mobile front page has seen a small update too.

Not that many people visit Gnomefiles with PDAs or phones, but hey…

osViews guy behaving like a lunatic

I have blogged in the past about this silly person, Kelly McNeil of osViews, I won’t go into depth this time. I will just mention what he did today: he EDITED and changed Thom’s comment on osViews. Thom blogged about it too of course and he has evidence of his original comment which got altered by Kelly.

For those who don’t know the whole story, Kelly is attacking publicly anyone who has an “agenda against Apple” (which in reality is not an ‘agenda’, but simple day-to-day news posting as becomes available). He just doesn’t like other sites posting “negative” news about his beloved Apple. He has a similar grudge against C|Net too. Hahaha…

If he is as lunatic in his real life as he has proven to be online, I feel sorry for his wife and… pastor. 😉