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Free range chicken misconceptions on bird flu

My mom doesn’t understand the dangers of bird flu. I called her today in Greece and told her to stop eating chickens and she replied “oh, don’t worry, we only eat free range ones, from your aunt’s and grandmother’s herds”. What a huge mistake. She has imprinted in her so much the fact that free range chickens are healthier than the industrialized ones that she fails to realize that when it comes to bird flu, free range chickens are in bigger danger than industrialized ones. The free range hens are free, out and about. They come in close contact with ducks and other birds that can carry the virus. The industrialized hens don’t. But my mom doesn’t get it. For her, free range chickens equal “good”. 🙁

new PDA, new bluetooth headphones

I am getting a new PDA, and a new stereo A2DP bluetooth headphone pair. The great thing about this particular PDA is that it has a VGA screen and the biggest battery of all: 2640 mAh. This is enough to surf via WiFi for at least 5 hours and use the PDA without WiFi for at least 12 hours (that’s with Win2003SE because with WinMobile 5 battery life is even better). We will see, after I conduct the tests. As for the A2DP stereo bluetooth headphones, I think I have 4 or 5 now. I’ve lost count.