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South Park’s “Bloody Mary” banned?

The Catholic Church got very unhappy about the “Bloody Mary” South Park episode I blogged about a few weeks ago, and there were many fears that Comedy Central would shelve the episode from future airings.

Now, think about the fact that Scientologist laywers didn’t do a peep when South Park heavily chastisized their religion 2 months ago in another episode. In my opinion, the Scientologist episode had more impact because it clearly puts their faith in a very difficult position in front of the public eye (the episode nailed them nicely). And yet, they didn’t sue (as they usually do).

And here we are now, having the Christians getting pissed off over free speech and expression. Booooo!

Thankfully, Comedy Central said that it won’t shelve the episode permanently and won’t listen to external pressure.

Not getting a macbook (yet)

I decided to not go for a MacBook, at least not yet. When I got the 12″ Powerbook 3 years ago we paid $2000 including the tax, shipping, memory upgrade and Airport Exreme card. The MacBook, while a powerful product, costs $2000 to start with, and that’s before I add any memory, tax and shipping.

So, I will have to wait for the price to go down (it eventuall will when plain Macbooks are released), or until my 12″ Powerbook completely dies. Whatever comes first. I am getting one for sure though, except if the Bird Flu has spread to the world and we have other things to be considering about instead of stupid gadgets.