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New power connector on Macs

After my 12″ Powerbook’s connector almost started a fire on Sunday, it’s funny to see Apple today releasing a new power connector. Quoting: “the MacBook Pro notebooks feature Apple’s new MagSafe magnetic power connector, which relies on magnetic coupling to release the power connector in cases where strain is put on the power cord to avoid snag-caused incidents.”

In other words, Apple knew of the problem all along and yet they continued to sell power supplies that their connectors were too thin and fragile, for years. I had two more people contacting me after reading my blog telling me that they had similar damaged connector problems. Another one suggested I buy the Macally power supply for $31 (which I will do) instead of Apple’s $80 rip off version.

I am seriously thinking about a lawsuit though if more people with similar problems join in. I hate court rooms and the like, neither I want money from Apple, I just want them to be more responsible about their product design.

Chinese Ban on Wikipedia Prevents Research

I love China, but this stupid totaliriasm Chinese are under must stop.

Using non-free software is morally wrong?

Benjamin Mako Hill and Gnome’s Luis Villa claim that most people don’t realize that non-Free software is morally wrong.

Hear, hear: “using non-free software is morally wrong”. What a whole load of crap. Oh, excuse ME, for not sharing this madness and only use the best tool for the job each time (Free or not).

Well, I hope Luis and Mako use their feet next time to go to work instead of taking the bus or their car. The buses contain proprietary technologies and maybe patents, plus they cost money via taxes or tickets.

So my husband and a few million other engineers are immoral people for writing closed source software for a living (effectively, this is what Luis’ argument naturally implies)? Oh, a question for Luis: is your BIOS open source too? Or, do you have a mobile phone? If yes, then chances are you are running my husband’s mobile web browser and framework on it (his company has 53% global market share of all feature-phones). So, does that make you immoral too for using it? Because if you are using it, then you don’t have the right to call all the rest of us immoral because you are immoral yourself too. Come to think about it, how you DARE to have the AUDACITY to tell people that using non-free software is “morally wrong” without even giving reasons why it is so (in all my years online I have never read a compelling reason as of yet, not even Stallman’s arguments which are filled with fanatically stupid absolutetism).

Luis is right on one thing though. To successfully compete with Windows and OSX, Free Software must become BETTER than these offerings (not equally good, that’s not enough to switch people, but BETTER).

And making something BETTER, is SO much work, that RMS had to invent his own morality code. Sorry, but I don’t share it and I’ll never will. And 99% of the globe seems to fully agree with me too.

Shitting my pants

I was eating dinner tonight when in the room started smelling like something’s burning. Apparently the Powerbook’s power connector was BURNING. Thank God I was fast enough and removed the cable from the wall plug, or we would have the powerbook, the bed it was on, and maybe the whole building on fire right now.

My heart is still bumping like crazy right now from the shock. I am using the powerbook to post this, I still have 3:30 hours left before its battery runs out. Regardless of the power supply cable melt (picture here), the Powerbook that was connected to was unaffected.

BTW, yes, a new power supply is what JBQ wanted to buy me for Christmas as a gift this year. I didn’t feel it was necessary to get one (my power supply’s cable was half-sliced after using it for 3 years). But I would have kept the gift anyway if it wasn’t for JBQ picking by mistake a… battery off the Apple Store shelf instead of a power supply. 😉

Anyways, thank God we didn’t have a fire and Steve Jobs’ announcement is only 1.5 days away. I am getting a new Powerbook should Apple releases some x86 ones. Otherwise, I will just buy a new power supply for my 3 year old 12″ Powerbook (1st generation, 867 Mhz).

BTW, I am not the only one with sliced power supply cables with exposed internals. Apparently many ibook/powerbook owners who use their laptops for a long-ish time they get the same problem one way or another because the plug that connects to the powerbook and the cable behind it, tends to break (the connection between the two is not well-thought). On PC laptops this never happens because they use rigid and ugly fat cables. Apple uses beautiful, thin cables. And then your house is on fire. But you still got the good looks, so not all is lost (yes, that was sarcasm).

Not replacing the power supply immediately after I saw the small opening in the cable a month ago, is my fault (I was feeling sorry for the 80 bucks it costs, cause I found the price over the top). But having the cable going bad so easily because the design is not rigid-enough and without myself having ever mistreating this laptop, is Apple’s fault. IBM has ugly-ass fat power supply connectors so they will NEVER fail that way.