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Interview with actor Nathan Baesel

I just posted an interview with actor Nathan Baesel, known in US and UK for his recurring role on the sci-fi drama “Invasion” as Deputy Lewis Sirk. Poor guy had to write the answers three times because his email client was keep failing while typing up…

Anyways, seems to be a really good guy, in addition to an excellent actor, currently making waves next to William Fichtner on “Invasion” (as most of you already know, Fichtner is one of my all-time favorite actors).

If you haven’t started watching “Invasion” I highly suggest you start doing so. The show started up a bit slowly in terms of storyline, but the pace is accelerated in the last few episodes and it’s becoming realy intriguing. Honestly.

Climate risk ‘worse than thought’

The threat posed by climate change may be greater than previously thought, and global warming is advancing at an unsustainable rate, a report by scientists published Monday says.

“It is now plain that the emission of greenhouse gases, associated with industrialization and economic growth from a world population that has increased six-fold in 200 years, is causing global warming at a rate that is unsustainable,”.

More at

Climate Expert Says NASA Tried to Silence Him

I will be honest with you: This, is much worse than any political or prisoner abuse scandal. This involves the whole planet and the survival of the living creatures on it. I hope the US government takes extra precautions about global warming. updates

Just finished the brand new WAP site at that is now compatible with more cellphones and offers more information. Additionally, I moved the feed from RDF to RSS 2.0, so users are recommended to get and use the new feed link. Additionally, the cHTML mobile front page has seen a small update too.

Not that many people visit Gnomefiles with PDAs or phones, but hey…

osViews guy behaving like a lunatic

I have blogged in the past about this silly person, Kelly McNeil of osViews, I won’t go into depth this time. I will just mention what he did today: he EDITED and changed Thom’s comment on osViews. Thom blogged about it too of course and he has evidence of his original comment which got altered by Kelly.

For those who don’t know the whole story, Kelly is attacking publicly anyone who has an “agenda against Apple” (which in reality is not an ‘agenda’, but simple day-to-day news posting as becomes available). He just doesn’t like other sites posting “negative” news about his beloved Apple. He has a similar grudge against C|Net too. Hahaha…

If he is as lunatic in his real life as he has proven to be online, I feel sorry for his wife and… pastor. 😉

Here’s the question: N80 or N92?

Nokia announced their high-end phones a few months ago: N80 and N92. They have the exact same configuration and features except:
* N80 has a 352×416 2.2″ screen, while the N92 has a 2.8″ 240×320 one.
* N80 has a 3MP camera while the N92 has a 2MP Carl Zeiss one.
* N92 supports DVB-H wireless TV, the N80 doesn’t.
* N92 is a clamshell while the N80 is a sliding candybar.
* N92 is bigger and much heavier (190 grams)
* N92 reportedly has Bluetooth+EDR 2.0 with A2DP support, while the N80 is v1.2 without A2DP. This information on the N92 is not confirmed yet though.

By reading the net it is obvious that all the geeks at the mobile forums have picked their favorite: the N80, mostly because its smaller looks, high-MP camera and high resolution screen. And I was one of these people too. I couldn’t wait until April when the N80 is supposed to be released.

Well, I have changed my mind.

I am 32 years old now and after working with computers for years day-in and day-out my eyesight has worsen (mostly astigmatism and a tiny bit of myopia). When I was 16 years old I was able to read the time on the VCR’s LED screen from 8 meters away. Today, I need to be 3 meters away from it or I need to have my glasses on. I also can’t see well in the dark. No, I am not blind, I can even drive legally without glasses just fine, it’s just that I am not the eagle I used to be when I was a teenager.

So while I was thinking over today about the N80, a N92 preview popped up and got into reading it. I searched a bit more on the net and found that it probably also supports A2DP along with a faster Bluetooth implementation. I got a bit warmer into the idea of N92, but the kicker was the LCD screen.

I quickly used the N80 about 1.5 months ago at my meeting with some Nokia engineers. It’s a briliant device, but when I loaded in its browser I had to bring the LCD to my nose to be able to read the page. The font size was extremely small as the LCD is just 2.2″ and it has a high resolution. On the other hand, the E61 phone model that they also had with them and showed it to me was much more pleasurable to read. The E61 uses the exact same LCD screen as the N92 does: 2.8″ QVGA.

My JBQ says that Nokia does the right thing going with super-high resolutions on small screens because that makes pictures look better and that makes teens more keen to these models. But I don’t care about the bloody pictures. I care about (web browser) TEXT and be able to read it comfortably without going blind. Be careful, I am not talking about the menus and such. These are using large fonts by default and make the N80 look like a normal phone font-wise, but I am talking about text-oriented applications –like the web browser– which their default font is extremely small for the screen size used.

That was the last strike for my decision about my next phone. I am getting the N92 instead of the N80: smaller pixel count but bigger pixel size. Between the geek factor and comfortability, I will pick comfortability this time.

I know that there is a N93 coming out right after the N92 is out (pictures leaked out about a month ago on the web), but that new model while is fixing some usability keypad issues with the N92, it will be using a 2.2″ 352×416 screen just like in the N80! Arrggggh!

I wouldn’t mind using a 352×416 screen at all, but please, make it 2.8″ at least! 2.2″ is just too small for this resolution and having to change font sizes all the time on text-oriented applications (e.g. web browsers, document readers) defeats the whole purpose!

W3C are a bunch of idiots — it seems

JBQueru: I’m reading about HTML5 😮

eugenia_loli: there is such thing?

eugenia_loli: or is it just xhtml

JBQueru: No, looks like there will be such a thing.

JBQueru: The what WG is working on xhtml2, which won’t be backward-compatible with xhtml1 (and therefore html4). The assumption is that some people will want to use some xhtml2 features without re-writing all their markup, and html5 is an unofficial markup that has all teh features of xhtml2 while maintaining backward compatibility.

JBQueru: Once again, w3 has no fscking clue.

eugenia_loli: why do they make it so complicated for everyone?

JBQueru: Because they’re idiots.

eugenia_loli: i mean, it doesn’t make any sense, have different things for different stuff… instead of having ONE standard and just going with that

JBQueru: It’s another case of “let’s create an incompatible solution to make things simpler”, without realizing that each time you do that you end up with both the old and hte new solution together.

eugenia_loli: hah

eugenia_loli: they are really-really idiotic these people

eugenia_loli: i wonder if all committees are the same

JBQueru: Yes, the incompatible solution would have been better if we had had it from day 1. But you can’t ignore the legacy of the real world.

eugenia_loli: yup

eugenia_loli: but they do

JBQueru: Some people use the same name for xhtml2 and html5, and some people explicitly distinguish them, so it’s hard to know.

JBQueru: That’s unfortunately a common trend in committees.

eugenia_loli: they are doing huge mistakes

eugenia_loli: ic

JBQueru: Certain you can bet that web browsers (like IE or mozilla) will include ways to use xhtml2 features in html, and if they’re no standard way to do it they’ll all use proprietary extensions. And then we’ll end up with the same story all over again.

Thankfully, not EVERYONE is a freaking idiot.

Greek gyros pita anyone?

I am kinda pissed off when I see the “Greek Gyros” signs on some restaurants and holes-in-the-wall here in the Bay Area because these are NOT the real greek gyros wraps. Instead of having pork, fries, tomato, authentic tzatziki and big onions in the wrap, they have some weird-looking processed lamb slices and in some cases they have some green salad in them. This is NOT the real GREEK gyros pita/wrap. This is the TURKISH one.

The ONLY place I found authentic Greek Gyros in USA so far, was in Salt Lake City, in Utah. David (owner of OSNews) drove us to a restaurant he knew when we were there visiting him 2 years ago, and indeed, that was the real thing. It was excellent, just like the real thing in Greece.

Pixar sold to Disney…

…and Steve Jobs made another $3.5bn out of that deal and he now has a net worth of $6.8bn. Quite amazing!

For some reason, I dreamt of him last night (yes, really). In my dream, he created a big theme park with free food and free rides and entertainment on my home town. He took care of the grilling of meat and he started the fire for it all alone. I asked him: “hey, are sure you know how to do this?” and he replied “don’t worry about a thing”.

Quite weird dream indeed. I get quite a few of these weird dreams actually. My JBQ doesn’t even remember his dreams at all, but I can. 😉

Star Trek Idea – Part II

Wow! Check this out! Remember my blog post about an internet-based Star Trek series? It seems that I am either a good analyst (most of my predictions on tech matters usually do come true ;), or Rick Berman reads my blog. 😉