Pissed off – UPDATED

In addition to some other small problems I’ve been having lately here’s one more: JBQ bought my Christmas present at the Apple Store tonight. Except the fact that he thought he bought something specific (a replacement part for my 12″ Powerbook — that I didn’t really want because I am supposed to get a brand new Powerbook in a month), he bought the wrong thing. I opened the box without reading the label (I was unhappy already receiving this present so I didn’t give it much thought) only to find out that it’s something different than the thing he THOUGHT he bought. It’s a product that I don’t need at all (even less than the product he THOUGHT he bought and kinda needed but didn’t really want). And now, because the box is opened, Apple won’t take it back. We can exchange it, but only for another box of the SAME product (which is the wrong product).

$130 bucks just went to Steve’s pocket tonight just like that. I am left without a fucking Christmas or ‘name day’ present and I am really pissed off atm. I wish he didn’t buy me anything. That would have been better.

UPDATE: JBQ is trying to make the situation better saying that he will get me something else, but I don’t want anything now. I really don’t. šŸ™

UPDATE 2: My JBQ was able to give it back to Apple and get a refund. A relief. šŸ™‚

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