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Creative Zen:M vs iPod Video

At first glance Creative’s new Zen:M mp3 player seems to be a (real this time) iPod killer: it has the same features as iPod has pretty much, plus FM radio, voice recording, nicer UI and a vastly better support for audio and video formats. It even looks good. And this comparison shows that the Creative’s screen being more contrasty and colorful than the iPod’s (however a bit dark in the corners). And many were fast to say that this is indeed an iPod killer.

Well, maybe, but until you witness this. Creative, welcome to 2003.

On other iPod news, you gotta see this short Conan O’Brien video clip. Really funny (if it crashes your firefox, reload it, it works the second time :P).

Linus Torvalds is like a horse…

…he can only see one side of things. His.

So, apparently he doesn’t like Gnome and he says that it’s too simplistic and not flexible enough for his taste. Well duh! Linus is a geek and a super-power user. It makes SENSE to prefer KDE over Gnome, exactly because he is who he is and because KDE is what it is over Gnome (over-loaded with options and widgets – a heaven for most geeks).

The real problem is that he can’t see past his own needs. He has no CLUE about how desktops should work, how to get users to like your desktop, how to make things easy for new users. If he had the SLIGHTEST CLUE of what “usability” is (a word that he seemingly despises), he would have NEVER allowed breaking API and binary compatibility with third party Linux kernel drivers every other moon! There is a fucking good reason why Microsoft keeps driver compatibility with its OSes up to 8 years!

As Novell’s Nat Friedman very nicely replied to him on the mailing list, he also wants his mouse to not jump left and right when he is doing cpu-intensive stuff and yet Linus has not delivered this smooth usage on his Linux kernel at a day and age when both Microsoft and Apple have! And to add one from me: Mr Torvalds, where the hell is proper ACPI support (suspend-to-ram, aka “sleep”) for my laptops? I have yet to see an x86 Linux laptop that will go to sleep and come back in perfect shape in 2 seconds from the moment you open back the lid (like Windows and Mac laptops do for years now).

Keeping things fair, Gnome could and should have been better and STILL keep its usability superiority over KDE. Myself and Thom have discussed about the most needed features here. So, yeah, Gnome is still far from being “great”. But it’s way more pleasurable to use than the ever so bloated KDE UI.