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Linux morons in total denial

And so I posted the Bittorrent app on GnomeFiles today as it is using GTK+ for its GUI (and so it has a place on’s application listing). I personally do not use bittorrent, but because I am a perfect-maniac I must always provide a good looking icon for each application entry and a screenshot. And so I deliberately installed bittorrent on my linux laptop just to get hold of its icon and grab a screenshot (and I did the same for one more GTK app I also posted today).

To create a good screenshot, I had to find a torrent so I can show Bittorrent in action. Oh, the luck! Bittorrent’s Linux GUI comes with a “search” field. And so I searched for the FIRST thing that popped up in my mind: “Madonna”.

And’s *OWN* search engine returned the… “MrAndMrsSmith” movie as a result instead as a divx AVI file. And so I clicked it, just so I can get the damn screenshot. And I took the screenshot (with the avi being still at 0% of download rate). After I had the screenshot I wanted, I stopped the Bittorrent client and I uninstalled it from my Linux laptop.

I uploaded the shot on the gnomefiles server and linked it from the Bittorrent entry there. And then the Linux fanatics would come over to the forum and shout at me “oh my God, how could you post such a shot? This download is illegal, it will make Bittorrent look bad! Blah-blah, take it down, blah-blah”.

Well, morons, if you think that bittorrent is mostly used to download distros you are in *TOTAL DENIAL*. The most popular usage of any of these P2P apps *is* piracy, you like it or not. And if a screenshot serves as a testament and marketing of what an application is good or popular at, that was the perfect screenshot right there.

Anyways, I did take down that screenshot, but I didn’t want to power up my Linux laptop again as it takes over a minute to boot (suspend-to-RAM doesn’t work on my laptop with Linux). So I installed Bittorrent on my Windows machine and got a new shot from there, downloading Fedora this time (which again, of course, I stopped it immediately after I got the shot I needed, I don’t use either Fedora or Bittorrent under normal circumstances).

But it’s just fun to see the Linux fanatics shit their pants over Bittorrent. They were so pissed off that the original screenshot would not represent the legal usage of Bittorrent that they went balistic on my forum. It’s PATHETIC seeing them hiding behind their own index finger. That .avi torrent was a result of *’s own search engine* and they have the face to tell *me* that my original screenshot was not representing correctly the app?

Why do they even feel that I would be “sympathetic” to their cause to show Bittorrent under a “better light” to RIAA’s eyes? I don’t understand why they would expect this of me. I am not on their side. In fact, I am not on the side of any P2P application (or RIAA’s for that matter), I don’t give a monkey about “the war” between RIAA and P2P (yawn).

Skype 2.0.0-beta is excellent

I just downloaded and tried Skype 2.0.0-beta with video-camera support. This new Skype version is really-really nice. The UI makes much more sense now and the video-cam and audio support is more than excellent. Good job Skype!

The only negative thing is that now that it’s becoming truly dominant (4+ million users connected at any given time), it’s the only protocol not based on SIP. All other major VoIP players are using SIP or modified SIP implementations, making Skype difficult to play well with the others in the future or to create an alternative UI for it. It’s totally proprietary, moreso than the rest.

The Pathetic Apple Apologists Association (PAAA)

Well, here’s the thing. Apple’s Apperture Pro application *sucks*. It’s a real fact. Professional photographers hate it, it just doesn’t do the things it’s supposed to do correctly, or at all, for the 500 bucks it costs.

Now, why do I have to hear the old song of “osnews is anti-apple” and that “eugenia is not professional” by stating the obvious?

Why do these Apple aplogists can’t –for once– understand that this particular application is just BAD? Why do they have to drug me or osnews down and say that there is “an agenda”? (What fucking agenda you morons? It’s a simple thing: Apperture SUCKS). Put that in your skull. Until curves are present and RAW pictures are handled correctly, Apperture is as much as a Pro raster application as much as this is a full cellphone.

And if that was not enough, we have to have Kelly McNeil from to reply anonymously (we have his IPs on file) and tell us that he is a “professional photographer and a recent Mac switcher”. How pathetic. Now the Apple fanatics have to lie so they can make a point!