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Best PDA buy right now (Update)

A few months ago I wrote a small blog entry about the best bang for the buck PDA buys. Apparently, my No1 pick, the Dell Axim X3i 400MHz with WiFi, is now even cheaper: $215. Highly recommended.

The only thing missing is Bluetooth, which Dell removed from the final design at the last minute for some stupid reason. You can add a Bluetooth SD card, but that can cost up to $90, I am afraid. SDIO cards are so much more expensive than Compact Flash ones (one of the reasons I prefer CF over SD). A CF Bluetooth card costs about $25 today and a WiFi one about $35, but the device only has SD slots, not CF ones.

Anyways, the cheapest dual-wireless solution remains the $240 HP rx3115, which I reviewed for OSNews a few weeks back. Read my review and my previous blog entry to find out why it is not my No1 pick though, trailing second behind the Axim X3i.