More gadgets…

I received my Linux-based PMP (personal multimedia player) today. It’s using the embedded uClinux distribution with kernel 2.4.19. I upgraded its ROM soon after I received it with a newer version, so now I also have better .ogg support in it (UPDATE: the new firmware fucked up WMA support). Even better, it has a touchscreen and some basic PDA functionality (notes, calendar, memo, calculator). Expect my review on Monday, email me in person if you want to know which Linux device this is (never reported by the media as being Linux-based previously, I discovered it myself after I hexdumped its downloadable firmware files a few days ago. I later received the email confirmation I asked for from its manufacturing company ;-).

Next week I expect to receive a pair of stereo Bluetooth headphones with a transmitter. You can use these headphones to not only listen to stereo music via any device/phone that supports the A2DP profile, but they also work with the handsfree/headset profiles that most mobile phones support. When someone calls you, the music pauses and you can click a button and reply to the call. And its (optional) transmitter is very cool too, because you can plug it in to *any* line-out/headphone jack (e.g. the iPod’s) and have it transmit to the headphones up to 10-15 meters away.

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