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Inspirational Linux Posters

Haha, so true! 😀

Thanks to my friend Billy from Apple Computers for the link. 😉

Should Linux Have a Binary Kernel Driver Layer?

As I replied to the slashdot story (which will probably generate a lot of heated arguments against me): 😉

“As a user, the last thing I want is hunting down drivers that will work with the X or Y kernel version. I want driver COMPATIBILITY. I want EASE OF USE. I want to do LESS WORK in my Linux desktop. I want to be fully UP and RUNNING, after a kernel upgrade.

And this is one of the things that’s gonna help me achieve all this, as a user. Sure, it’s going to be hell for developers having to test each time that nothing got broke duing a new release, but I don’t really care. The user must have the convenience, not the developer.

If the linux developers don’t like that, well, they are on the the wrong profession.”

Jay Leno vs David Letterman

“Leno’s ‘Tonight show’ has widened its lead over chief rival David Letterman, a noteworthy achievement given CBS’ prime-time dominance and NBC’s fading fortunes.” says CNN.

I concur. Leno’s show is sooooo much better than Letterman’s. I had to watch Letterman last week because Leno’s show was on a rerun, and Letterman almost put me to sleep. He is just not as funny or bubbly or charismatic as Leno is. Either that, or he is really bored these days with his job, because his show was much better 7-10 years ago.

Leno’s monologue in the beginning of his show and the ebay/bad-journalist-articles jokes are extremely funny. Letterman’s “top 10” jokes are just boring and fails to create a laugh most of the time.

Conan O’Brien is as intelligent as Leno, but he is over the top some times and he ends up doing the same jokes over and over. In fact, if O’Brien was to take some points from Letterman, that would be an interesting combination to beat Leno’s legacy.

**UPDATE** Just watched the show tonight, BEST show ever! Comedian Dana Carvey and animal handler Steve Irwin were invited. I couldn’t stop laughing, excellent episode!

Personal video players

As much as Thom insists that personal video players suck, they are many in numbers. I was astounded myself seeing that there are 7 pages of PMPs listed here. And the Neuros 442, and latest offerings from Archos, Apple and iRiver are not even listed there yet! I really didn’t know there were that many such devices in the market!