The terrible performance of a Linux smartphone

It is so sad having the Linux fanatics to do everything in their power to tell us how great Linux is on smartphones. It is not and don’t believe the hype. At least the applications on top of the kernel, suck (and these are the only ones that matter anyway on such a product).

My 312 Mhz Linux smartphone is unable to run full frame a 30-second h.263 3GP 176×144 video (24fps, 256kbps data rate, AAC 128 kbps sound).
Download the video here (1.5 MB) (use “save as” or you will get garbage on the screen). I encoded it myself using QuickTime.

On the other hand, my 312 Mhz HP iPaq PocketPC (same CPU) runs that video fine, my 124 Mhz Sony Clie/PalmOS runs that video fine, and get this: my husband’s 80-something Mhz Sony Ericsson K700i feature phone (not smartphone), runs that video fine too.

I even disabled the phone’s antenna, bluetooth and moved the video file to the internal memory just in case the SD support is clunky, but it’s not good: the Linux smartphone stalls and drops frames like a motherfucker (especially on 24fps videos). Sorry for the foul language, but when you pay $350 for a so called “smartphone” you do expect BASIC functionality of phone multimedia (which the phone was marketed as) to work without problems.

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