The SVGA issue

I have filed various bug reports on several Gtk/gnome apps because they don’t fit on SVGA screens. I personally use a dual screen setup with 1280×1024 and 1200×1600 vertical LCD screens, so I am not part of the 800×600 SVGA minority. However, I feel for the people who are, about 18% of the overall internet population (according to online researching companies like OneStat).

Some of the gnome developers are fixing their UIs to not be too long/wide, others don’t. But one recent event has kicked some of them in the nuts: the Nokia 770. Some random developers tried to port Abiword, Gaim, Gnumeric and other GTK apps to the Maemo 800×480 platform and they found it extraordinarily difficult to do a quick and dirty port, because most of the dialogs and windows just don’t fit in that screen size.

The consesus is that default window sizes should not be bigger than 720×500 pixels, in order to fit on any Gnome panel/metacity arrangement scenario on a SVGA screen.

Oh, and don’t forget to not design your sites in more than 800 pixels wide … (the recent redesign now opted for 1024×768 which is sad…)

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