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the marketing game

So, today I was drooling over some pictures of the N80, and I saw a picture of it next to another nokia model, the 6280.

And I thought: “hey, it seems that the N80 is just the new version of the 6280, they are the same family of handsets”. And I was right.

And then, I thought “why don’t I check out the specs and prices of the 6280, it might be pretty good and even cheaper now that the N80 has been announced”. And indeed, the 6280 is a pretty good, modern 3G handset with most of the N80 features in place.

And then, I got really surprised: The 6280 is not out yet! It was announced in June, but it’s not out yet to purchase!

And the N80 is supposed to come out in April! Which means that Nokia is announcing models WAY before their release time, even when the previous generation of the same handset hasn’t been released yet!

This marketing game from Nokia, just sucks.