regarding video gadgets and more

Many of my readers disregarded portable video devices as “useless” in the past. Well, for the most part, they are useless. But people are “rich enough” in the western countries to buy such gadgets. I mean, 90% of our stuff in our homes are usually things that we don’t *really* need, but we acquire anyway.

The ancient philosopher Diogenes of Sinope lived in a big jag (jar/tub). That jag, a piece of cloth around his genitals and a wooden cup were his only posessions. One day, he saw a child drinking water at a fountain nearby. The child used his hands to drink from the falling water. He immediately threw away his cup and he got so pissed off with himself that even a child was simpler than he was, despite all his efforts to be simple/cynical.

Anyways, the rest of us are not like him (although we should strive to be), and so video gadgets are going to be big, as technology and Hollywood dictates them. If not as part of their own gadget segment, but surely as part of high-end smartphones with large hard/flash drives in them (coming soon). The huge success of video via iTunes for the video ipod this week is a testament to this. Everyone was saying how the video ipod is a big questionmark as people would never want to watch video, and yet, it has been a HUGE success. Especially people who use trains or buses to go to work, it is a useful gadget. In USA most people use their own car to go to work, so they don’t see the need too much for a video device, but check Germany or UK, where trains and buses are really popular, and then you will see how video gadgets are important.

As for my illness, I think I feel a bit better today. The problem (seems to be a mysterious cold-like infection) seems to be going away. Unfortunately, my illness has brought me back to miss a deadline for a review I needed to write.

A few days ago I wrote that the Sony Ericsson W900 should have used opera or Openwave browser and not the native crappy sony ericsson browser. Well, they indeed have done the right thing: they used Netfront 3.3, latest version! Even the latest Sanyo model, the MM-9000 (Sanyo only uses netfront) it’s only using 3.1 that doesn’t have ECMA/javascript in it.

Other than that, I received yesterday the Bluespoon AX2 bluetooth headset. One of the most advanced bluetooth headsets in the world today, created by a company that makes handsfree devices for policemen and spies. 😉

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