IM on a phone

I used IM on a phone tonight, via WirelessVilage’s YamiGo free service. They support ICQ, AIM, MSN and Y!. Pretty good experience so far in terms of stability and speed!

SonyEricsson’s IM client for the service supports up to 30 buddies visible at the same time (older models only supported 20), and that’s troublesome as I have over 100 contacts in all my 4 IM accounts. Of course, only 20-25 of my buddies are Online at the same time, but unfortunately the SonyEricsson client is “stupid” and it tries to display all of them, even the Offline ones. And because it only supports displaying up to 30 at a time, it overflows, and so I can only see a few of my AIM buddies, but not all the rest. šŸ™

The blame is two fold:

1. SonyEricsson should fix their client and support a list up to 256 buddies, or something. I mean, they support showing up to 512 contacts in their addressbook, why not support a bigger list for IM buddies too? I don’t see the technical difficulty!

2. If phone manufacturers don’t learn their lesson, YamiGo should not send the Offline buddy list to the client, but only send the buddies that are Online.

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