Oh, the surprise :P

I got an IM by an uknown guy (who obviously knew who I was) and asked me the question “should I go buy eComStation OS, is it any good?”. And I replied “no”. That probably came as a surprise to him, especially when I replied to his question of “what should I buy then?” and I replied “Windows XP Pro”.

No, I don’t get paid by MS and neither I give head to Bill Gates (as it has been suggested many times) but the truth of the matter is, WinXP *works*, and works much better than anything else out there (except Wi2k3 that is). If you are not a complete moron and don’t open suspicious email and run a basic AV and Firewall, Windows XP is the best bet of an OS today for a normal person (meaning, a non-geek user).

Only Mac OS X comes close to Windows, but it’s still not as good mostly because much software and especially drivers stop working between major releases (Apple’s fault).

But neither of the Linux, BeOS, OS/2, BSDs I would EVER suggest them for normal usage from a person like, let’s say, my brother or my cousins or my two brilliant nieces.

These OSes are great for some special purpose projects and some geek/developer itches (like the ones I have 5 days before my period >:P), but they are not and will never be suitable for the vast majority of people who want a desktop. Apple made it thus far only because they had a 20+ years of history behind them and many third party developers who were willing to port their apps over to OSX (plus OSX was innovative and differentiated enough from its competition at the time).

Linux has lots of software, but not exactly the software that people want, neither is easy to install apps (you can’t get a RANDOM Linux app off a RANDOM web site and install it with a single click). As long as no *big* company FORKS THE HELL OUT of Linux and its user apps (the same way Apple did with BSD) and build on top a BRAND NEW desktop platform that doesn’t have the usual linux crappy problems (neither the kde/gnome problems of trying to be cross-distro compatible and that limits their further engineering), then Linux will REMAIN on that 2% of its marketshare and be incompatible with itself.

What made MS big is compatibility: XP can run DOS binaries compiled in 1982. New Linux kernel versions can’t even support drivers that were compiled last month. I piss on that. They deserve the slack and that 2%.

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