The new Nokia E-series

I had a look at the new business series of smartphones from Nokia, the E-series. Very interesting, they are obviously trying to compete with Blackberry. Having WiFi on them, should be really cool, as there are at least 4-5 web browsers to choose from (nokia’s, opera and opera mini, netfront, Doris).

I am not interested in their very conventional-looking E60. And if their E61 had a touchscreen and a camera, I would be all over it. But because it doesn’t have a camera (being a real business device), I think that the E70 is cooler and smaller too. The E70 has a huge resolution of 352×416, but it’s double pixeling from the original Symbian resolution of 176×208. The E61 has a real 320×240 resolution (so it fits more information than the E70). But its lack of touchscreen (for such a large device/screen) and the lack of camera really kills it for me — who I admit, I don’t want it for its business usage but for the geek factor.

Seeing the new stuff with Windows Mobile, the new smartphones from Nokia and SonyEricsson, I can only say that the future of phones is smartphones. Sure, they only have 4% of the market now, but this is going to change real fast as parts becoming cheaper.

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