Archive for October 7th, 2005

Diet so far: a success; a linux smarthphone

It’s been exactly 1 month since I started my diet. In that time I’ve lost 11 lbs (5 kgs) and I consider it to be a great success so far. The next target is to lose another 6kgs until Christmas (after the first 15 days of a diet, you lose weight on a slower rate).

Also, await a linux smartphone review next week at osnews. It’s based on Montavista’s and Trolltech stacks and it’s pretty good (and yes, osnews renders great on it too — opera 7.50 in it)!

I am a chicken

Last night I watched on ‘Discovery Channel’ a “true story” documentary called “A haunting in Connecticut”. It’s about a family that was terrorized by a demon on their newly rented home (that was previously a funeral home). It spooked me tremendously (even if I am a skeptic about such stuff), to the point that I would wake up every 5 minutes in the night! Poor JBQ, I kept him awake too! The last time that happened was after watching some scary scenes on ‘Event Horizon’ movie in 1998.

On a happy and unrelated note, mobile OSNews renders greatly on a Zaurus! 🙂