I might move to Blogger/Bloxsom/Blogspot

I am thinking of moving my blog to another engine, as the Slashdot blog system seems to become worse over time.

First, they downgraded the number of visible posts per page to 5 (from 10) a few months ago which is simply not enough as I tend to blog a bit more than the average blogger and they now have removed the “Previous/Next page” buttons, so my readers can not read my old posts anymore!!!

Also, there is no RSS support either, another popular request to me… And the new CSS stuff are broken on Safari (text is getting rendered on top of another text when you are logged in and surfing to *your own* blog page which has at least one post published).

So, during the next few days, if the first two issues are not resolved (I am pretty indifferent to RSS personally and the CSS bug should be easy to fix eventually), I might have to move elsewhere. Too bad, ’cause I like Slashdot’s simplicity and I enjoy it very much.

** UPDATE ** Apparently, there is already RSS support for my blog, not just for the ./ news. Like myself, it seems that not many people have seen the addition of the blog’s RSS as there is no actual link for it but it requires the browser to notify the user of it.

Anyways, I really need the first two issues fixed, these are my major gripes with the blog. 🙁

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