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‘Invasion’ might get cut

It seems that poor William Fichtner has a TV show curse, or something. He has seen his first TV starring effort, ‘the MDs’ in 2002, getting canceled only after a few episodes, and his new sci-fi show, ‘Invasion’, might receive the same fate. It’s so sad because he was so excited about the show and its potential (and obviously about having a standy job) when we talked in May. 🙁

I might move to Blogger/Bloxsom/Blogspot

I am thinking of moving my blog to another engine, as the Slashdot blog system seems to become worse over time.

First, they downgraded the number of visible posts per page to 5 (from 10) a few months ago which is simply not enough as I tend to blog a bit more than the average blogger and they now have removed the “Previous/Next page” buttons, so my readers can not read my old posts anymore!!!

Also, there is no RSS support either, another popular request to me… And the new CSS stuff are broken on Safari (text is getting rendered on top of another text when you are logged in and surfing to *your own* blog page which has at least one post published).

So, during the next few days, if the first two issues are not resolved (I am pretty indifferent to RSS personally and the CSS bug should be easy to fix eventually), I might have to move elsewhere. Too bad, ’cause I like Slashdot’s simplicity and I enjoy it very much.

** UPDATE ** Apparently, there is already RSS support for my blog, not just for the ./ news. Like myself, it seems that not many people have seen the addition of the blog’s RSS as there is no actual link for it but it requires the browser to notify the user of it.

Anyways, I really need the first two issues fixed, these are my major gripes with the blog. 🙁

Abiword for Mac *SUCKS*

[**UPDATE**] Abiword developer Hub suggested that I should file these on bugzilla or I should ‘go to hell’. Honestly, when Abiword does not even pass ‘smoke testing’, its developers should NOT expect people to file obvious bugs. Abiword is CLEARLY not only unpolished, but VERY BADLY PORTED. Either that, or its developers are so BLIND that any kind of bug reporting won’t open their eyes. Mac users are USED to a certain QUALITY and Abiword, simply, does not adhere to this standard. All things fair, Abiword under Linux works much-much-much-much better. On Windows is very so-so, but on Mac sucks ass. Why some people can’t accept the truth, even if hurts? [/UPDATE]

You know what? I don’t give a flying fuck if some Abiword developers are pissed off at me, originally on my remarks on the quality of AbiWord for Mac OS X. The thing fucking SUCKS.

Stable release Abiword 2.4.0 was released a few hours ago. And here is how its fonts look on OSX:

It is UNUSABLE. I tried both 100% zoom and the default “stretched” vector setting, and the font quality just SUCKS no matter what. On the *default* settings (Times new roman, size 12 and default window size) fonts are unreadable while when you selecting them on the preference panel they are perfectly readable. The fonts were not as big of a problem in the 2.2.x releases.

And to add to that, hitting backspace to delete some characters OR typing down characters IS FREAKING SLOW. And I mean SLOW (867 Mhz G4 Powerbook here). You can perfectly see the lag.

I am sorry, but this should not be called 2.4.0 and be put up there for public consumption. The thing is a freaking BETA, and they should CLEARLY MARK it as such.

Oh, I forgot: the visual artifacts under the fonts that existed since the first OSX version of AbiWord, STILL exist! I mean, Jesus people! This is the MOST USER VISIBLE bug one can eat at his face, and the Abiword developers haven’t fixed it yet.

In times like this, MS Word looks like it’s perfect. Really.