The Apple smartphone

Now that the jealous Motorola CEO has let the cat out of the bag, it’s time to do a blog story about it: there is no doubt that Apple is creating as we speak a smart phone. 😉

No, my evidence about this are not based on Motorola’s CEO bedtime bubblings, but on simple logic as well. My friend Russell put it very well, detailing the trouble traditional phone manufactures will have soon because the needs people want to see fullfilled through a phone are increasing by the day. There is no doubt in my mind that the next high-end mp3 music players (same class as ipods) will be phone-based only. It doesn’t make sense to carry both a phone and a PDA and an mp3 player in your belt and look like Batman. It makes sense to put together all this functionality in one device, and Apple KNOWS that sometime in the very near future this is what most people would want. And because Apple knows that, they have put their asses down to work on a new smart phone, otherwise they will eventually lose their ipod market.

Besides, by living in the Silicon Valley, I know what kind of engineers their ipod division has hired the last few months. Ok, I will shut up now… 😉

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