Microsoft Smartphones Suck

And so my beloved husband brought home last night an i-Mate SP3i Windows smartphone (Bluetooth, IrDA, TI ARM CPU, 32/64 MBs RAM/ROM, 176×220 2.2″ TFT, VGA camera with recording, tri-band, Windows 2003SE with WMP 10).

I hated the thing.

Originally, I was kinda jealous, as I am stuck with a Series 40 Nokia, but after using that smartphone, I started loathing it. The UI feels so much like an afterthought, that it is not even funny. It is obvious how it all began just by looking at its UI: MS engineers working on Windows Embedded. Engineers are getting orders to fight Palm in the PDA space. Engineers create Windows Mobile for PPC. Engineers are now asked out of the blue to hack up their already hacked up creation to create a phone based on Windows Mobile. And so hack upon hack, we get this thing, called Windows Smartphone.

Its long settings, its long menus, its weirdness to setup GPRS (it would not work if you were to specify the IP address required by Cingular), it’s beyond belief.

I am sure Windows Mobile 5 for smartphones is better now (this phone comes with 2003SE version), but I won’t be going anywhere near such a phone for a few more new versions down the road, after things have been smooth’ed out, UI-wise.

No, the phone did not crash, in fact it seemed rock solid. If not a bit slow at times though, when moving through some menus.

This is NOT to say that I don’t like the PocketPC-based phones though which use a DIFFERENT UI, because I LOVE those. It’s the pure MS smartphones (no touchscreen, no QVGA, crappy UI) that I loath. Only Internet Explorer is sweet on those phones, as it uses better fonts than on other similar-resolution phones and so more information fits on screen at one time. OSNews renders more than great for example!

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