Top 50 Science Fiction TV Shows

According to this list these are the top-50 sci-fi series of all time. I think the list is pretty much on spot, except that I do believe that their No3, Star Trek:TNG, should have been No1. Seasons 3-4-5-6 of TNG produced some of the best episodes for any kind of TV series, ever (“Inner Light” anyone?).

Also, I hate their No2, the new Battlestar Galactica. I just don’t ‘get’ that show. The camera is panning and zooming left and right the whole time, it just gives me a freaking headache.

One great TV series that this list obviously forgot to include is “The 4400”. Highly recommended, especially if you used to like X-Files.

As for ST:DS9 and ST:Enterprise, they rightfully were not included in the list. Both spin-offs were pretty bad, boring, kits, you name it. There were only a handful of good episodes in DS9 (‘Little Green Men’ is a great classic), there were none in Enterprise.

Also, I watched the second episode of ‘Threshold’ last night. It sucked hard. Hopefully Branon Braga will get the boot from the channel, however I would have liked more for Rick Berman to be in his place. Boo.

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