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And so they got the championship…

And here it is, one of the most incomplete teams of the tournament (in my opinion), the national team of Greece, got the championship in the EuroBasket 2005.

In the final, Greece played GOOD basketball and they were a better team than the second Germany, but if people actually were to see their previous games they would see how this team sucked (except on defense) and they won most games at the last moment. IMHO, the best team of the tournament was Slovenia.

In any rate though, I am very happy about this championship coming to Greece, after 18 years we got it again. 🙂

Basketball and athletics are my most favorite sports, and as every Greek, I have a very sweet spot for the Greek national team of basketball. Although this team could be better, to say the truth…

Mac OS X: the gripes

Two of my friends write about their Mac OS X gripes:

First (Thom is the new osnews managing editor and good online friend)
and second (Russel is a Yahoo! manager, met his a few months ago, great guy)

I replied on both their posts, especially Thom’s.

Top 50 Science Fiction TV Shows

According to this list these are the top-50 sci-fi series of all time. I think the list is pretty much on spot, except that I do believe that their No3, Star Trek:TNG, should have been No1. Seasons 3-4-5-6 of TNG produced some of the best episodes for any kind of TV series, ever (“Inner Light” anyone?).

Also, I hate their No2, the new Battlestar Galactica. I just don’t ‘get’ that show. The camera is panning and zooming left and right the whole time, it just gives me a freaking headache.

One great TV series that this list obviously forgot to include is “The 4400”. Highly recommended, especially if you used to like X-Files.

As for ST:DS9 and ST:Enterprise, they rightfully were not included in the list. Both spin-offs were pretty bad, boring, kits, you name it. There were only a handful of good episodes in DS9 (‘Little Green Men’ is a great classic), there were none in Enterprise.

Also, I watched the second episode of ‘Threshold’ last night. It sucked hard. Hopefully Branon Braga will get the boot from the channel, however I would have liked more for Rick Berman to be in his place. Boo.