Palm, again

From shows up the new Palm PDAs to be released in 20 days from now. The Tungsten X lacks a microphone (default on all PPCs), and the Z22 lacks an IrDA port, a speaker, an SD slot and consequently a headphone jack. The TX seems fairly priced & featured but the Z22 could do so much more for only a few more dollars (for about $10 more).

Indeed, for $10, the Z22 would have been very, but very worthwhile for basic PDA functionality. I do want a speaker and an SD slot (the CPU is fast enough to play music/video), I do want a headphone jack and yes, I love IrDA (I have my Linux laptop sharing its internet connection via IrDA, it rocks). Palm is a lot like Apple, it seems: expensive stuff, but they cut on $2 details that matter. Like in the mac mini case: no mic jack, no line-in. And yet, it ships with Garageband. Go figure.

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